The enterprise software market is undergoing unprecedented change.

At the same time, your competitive landscape is intensifying, and operating challenges are becoming increasingly complex. A rapidly changing business climate, coupled with the unique challenges of your industry, elevates the strategic importance of your ERP platform.

If you’re frustrated by system limitations, stuck with your current version and not able to update, or drowning in maintenance costs, your legacy ERP platform is failing you and hurting your ability to achieve your business objectives.

Align ERP to your business strategy

One of the most important things to keep in mind prior to evaluating and selecting an ERP system is to understand your organization’s strategic direction - know your expected business outcome and organizational goals. Our consulting practitioners consider your organization's business goals and objectives and weave operational and management consulting into their strategy development approach. 

Software Evaluation

We continually survey the technology market and team with partners, who offer modern solutions that enable organizations to address the demands of their industry. With a software agnostic approach to the evaluation process, we’ll assess your ERP options - across all dimensions of strategy, process, human capital, technology, and risk management.

Software Implementation

Our implementation methodology leverages deep technology configuration experience, project management rigor and discipline, management consulting capabilities and best practices to position organizations for implementation success. We have completed hundreds of ERP implementations with leading technology solution providers, both on premise and in the cloud, in the following industries:

IIoT - The Fear of Missing Out

IIoT - The Fear of Missing Out

Watch this webinar recording to learn more about IIoT and how it can help your manufacturing business operate more efficiently, understand where we’re at in the hype cycle around IIoT, where your peers are, and how to strategize.

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Our Take

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"Our strategic perspective, steadfast alignment with our clients’ overall business objectives, and industry focus position us to drive positive outcomes for clients."