Navigating complex state and local tax regulations is a significant challenge for businesses with expanding geographic footprints. No matter how complex your business’s operations may be, our dedicated voluntary disclosure specialists will help you take a proactive approach to identifying and managing historic compliance risks specific to your circumstances.

Our engagements include detailed analysis of our clients’ operations and activities to identify and calculate potential areas of exposure. We will assist your business in leveraging voluntary disclosure programs applicable in your jurisdiction. Our professionals have the knowledge and experience to reduce additional costs associated with remediating outstanding tax exposure to reduce the overall impact on your business.

Negotiating favorable outcomes

Baker Tilly can assist your business in effectively managing the costs of compliance through effective negotiation of voluntary disclosure agreements (VDAs). Utilizing VDA programs can help your business achieve compliance as quickly as possible with the added benefits of reduced penalties, interest and administrative costs. Baker Tilly will analyze past audits, historical accruals and remittance, and potential tax credits to actively limit the look-back period of your exposure. Our experienced team of professionals will work with taxing authorities to ensure negotiations are resolved in an efficient manner giving you the peace of mind that your resources can continue to focus on growing your business.

Baker Tilly’s full suite of voluntary disclosure and remediation services include:

  • Analysis of client activities and operations
  • Identification and quantification of exposure
  • Historical review of audit history, accruals, potential credits
  • Settlement negotiation
  • Forward-looking tax planning