With federal and state reviews of tax returns increasing, you or your organization face a greater chance of being examined. Fast-growing, middle-market organizations where recordkeeping does not keep pace with growth are especially at risk.

With the Baker Tilly IRS practice and procedures group at your side, you can strengthen your position by establishing long-term solutions that reduce the risk of an audit. We proactively help you improve important documentation processes, an effort that often enhances other aspects of your operation and uncovers additional tax benefits.

When needed, we can also assist you with all aspects of an examination, from initial response and representation to alternative dispute resolution, penalty mitigation, and filing amended returns or refund claims.

We are attorneys and accountants who have deep tax controversy experience and knowledge gained from years working in tax law, including high-level positions within the IRS. Our insights, combined with our analysis of your specific situation, build strategies that lead to favorable results.

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Unclaimed property – Another challenge to businesses from the states

Unclaimed property – Another challenge to businesses from the states

States are becoming increasingly aggressive in looking for new sources of revenue. Historically, states have used nexus inquiries, expanded audits for sales/use and income taxes, and new types of business entity taxes to generate new revenue. Another threat, however, looms on the horizon: unclaimed property examinations.

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Our Take

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“As former IRS professionals, we bring value to our clients through our deep tax controversy experience and knowledge of tax administrative procedures. Our team reviews client transactions to make sure they’ll withstand the scrutiny of a regulator. And when it comes to knowing the IRS and representing our clients in front of the IRS, we provide the experience needed to win.”

— Mark Heroux Principal, J.D.