The push to be sustainable while also dealing with waste associated issues is becoming more evident. Whether your company is striving to meet your sustainability goals or you are dealing with growth constraints due to the rising costs of waste management, our team works with clients like you across the country.

Our energy specialists work closely with developers, manufacturers, and utilities to overcome waste issues and become more sustainable through the use of anaerobic digestion.  We understand the project development lifecycle of waste to energy projects and are able to advise our clients on the critical aspects of getting projects to the finish line.  With substantial level experience and understanding in the area of project finance, we are able to navigate through the many funding tools available to bring projects of this nature from conception through reality.  Leveraging our knowledge of anaerobic digestion and the specific needs of the industry, we are able to advise our clients in the following areas related to waste to energy solutions:

  • Project development support
  • Site selection
  • Financial modeling and due diligence
  • Power purchase agreement negotiations
  • Credits and incentives
  • Tax advisory
  • Project finance
  • New Markets Tax Credits