The market for solar power is expanding exponentially. Federal solar investment tax credits, an expanding array of state-mandated Renewable Portfolio Standards and state incentives, along with rising natural gas prices and electric rate hikes are fueling this industry growth.

Utility scale solar power projects are back in development, while the solar power rooftop market is rapidly expanding. Baker Tilly, through its long standing, proactive practice in the Energy and Utilities Sector delivering Strategic Tax Advisory Services, is uniquely prepared to grow along with you and the industry.

Real solutions, real relationships, real answers.

Utilizing our strong reputation in the utility sector, built on 30 years of first-in-class performance, Baker Tilly goes above and beyond the basic services menu most firms offer. We are immersed in various customer industries within the solar power segment and provide the front line consulting and opinions that other service providers cannot match. Additionally, our strategic tax practice and experience, and knowledge in the latest public policy allow us to stay on the cutting edge of the latest developments driving the solar industry.

Are you aligned to take advantage?

With solar power, it's not a question of if, but rather, when and how much capacity will be developed. Successful solar projects get a jumpstart on competition by using advisors they can trust and services they can count on. Baker Tilly offers a collaborative approach across multiple disciplines. We have a proven track record of saving clients time and money, while providing the peace of mind in knowing there is only one call to make when questions arise or industry tides change.

Rethink your bottom line.

For expert answers to your solar energy questions, contact us. Our solutions address:

  1. Are any of my real estate holdings good prospects for solar project investment?
  2. When is the right time to invest in solar?
  3. What global, federal, or state policy drivers or mandates will have an impact on my solar project?
  4. Is there a third party firm that can serve as a project developer on my solar project without getting in the way of my ownership and return expectations?
  5. Am I eligible for the solar investment tax credit, the production tax credit, or both?