Few decisions are more strategic and have longer term financial and operational implications than a facility location decision, but most companies lack the experience necessary to ensure myriad factors are considered before selecting a site.

Whether you are looking to expand existing, add new, or consolidate existing facilities, our site selection specialists can help you streamline efforts and facilitate sound business decisions to maximize the overall return on capital employed.

Using a proven process, we work with clients to identify critical location factors, allowing companies to narrow their focus to certain geographic areas.  After the initial screening process, we further evaluate potential sites based on factors such as logistics, access to skilled labor supply, wage levels, utility costs, federal, state, and local incentives, and other company specific requirements.

We pair deep industry knowledge with transaction experience to source and negotiate potential incentive packages including:

  • New Markets Tax Credits
  • Tax Increment Financing and other property tax incentive programs
  • Enterprise or development zone tax credits
  • Federal and state income tax research tax credits
  • Job creation or retention tax credits
  • Capital investment tax credits
  • Labor training tax credits or grants
  • Low costs loans for capital or working capital
  • Utility rate discounts

Many credit and incentive programs continue to be formed, and existing programs refunded and expanded as communities continue to compete for economic development. With a deep understanding of the current market, and the experience to effectively navigate your options, we can help you identify a location that makes the most sense for your business and maximizes available incentives.