Globalization is intensifying. It’s not what globalization will do for your business — it’s what it will do to it. We help put you in control of your global destiny.

Indecision, fear of complexity and misperceptions about costs are keeping too many organizations on the international sidelines when they could be increasing production, realizing new revenue streams and strengthening their overall enterprises.

The risks of going it alone are indeed significant. But what if there existed a team, a roadmap and a proven process to turn risk into reward — all with low levels of disruption, cost and complexity? In partnering with Baker Tilly, your organization can respond to globalization head-on, de-risking international growth and obtaining international market traction quickly. Well beyond planning, we implement your vision.

  • Become operational in your target market in the next four to eight months — without adding any full-time members to your team.
  • Replace false starts and costly trial and error with support to significantly increase the international share of your business.
  • Competitively place your products or services in foreign markets in days — not months or years. 

Turnkey market expansion support

Baker Tilly helps organizations move from an untried global growth model to a proven methodology customized to the organization and fully supported through the entire continuum of international market expansion.

Challenges overcome. Markets conquered.

No matter where in the process, Baker Tilly has a proven, sustainable growth model for successful expansion into international markets. 

First attempt
An organizations' first step into an international market is often at the beckoning of a leading customer's request. The opportunity is as vast as the unknowns of expanding abroad.  We partner with your team to help your organization to expand abroad the right way the first time—from planning to full implementation support.

A case in point:
A professional services firm sets a path for successful expansion in the Americas

Have attempted but failed
Those that have tried expanding into a foreign market, especially those that did it on their own, may have paid with the cost of unrealized results. Failure is expensive. In having Baker Tilly as an extension of your team your organization can avoid another round of risks, false starts and costly mistakes. We help fix what's broken and re-launch it the right way. 

A case in point:
An established manufacturer makes early in-roads into Brazil

Successful but with certain needs
Successful global organizations that already operate abroad often have specific, sophisticated challenges and opportunities. Whether growth-, tax- or operations-related, multinational enterprises consult with our team to help craft winning strategies, solve problems and capitalize on global growth opportunities. 

A case in point:
Reducing import tariffs means higher revenue for manufacturer


History is watching. What will be NAFTA’s greatest legacy?

Nearly 25 years after its inception, NAFTA is being revisited. With the interdependency created among U.S., Mexico and Canada as a result of the treaty, that which has happened cross-border is as important as the decisions facing the treaty’s future. At history’s doorstep, opening the door to changes in this landmark agreement will undoubtedly impact its legacy.