If your company is facing challenges related to import duties and HS tariffs, Baker Tilly can help substantially reduce – or fully eliminate – such pressure. Prepare your business today to compete globally tomorrow.

The significant changes in the duty and tariff stance from key world economies has applied significant pressure on companies that rely on global trade to conduct business. For many of such companies, these added duties and tariffs threaten the viability of the business itself – seemingly with no viable solution in sight.

Import duty and tariff reduction support to your manufacturing company
Import duties and tariffs levied on your company, when not properly addressed, can significantly impact profit margins and effectively restrain its ability to profitably operate. 

Starting with an HS code classification assessment, Baker Tilly’s clients benefit from the proprietary process, extensive experience and unique analytics platform proven to significantly REDUCE or even ELIMINATE import tariffs.

Improvement in import duties and tariffs:

(without support)
With support
Duty/tariff burden applied to imported item 125%5%
Duty/tariff burden applied to imported item 210%No tariff

Our understanding of import duty and HS tariff allows us to provide a high level of support in a way that is custom to the pace of need, investment, and urgency of each organization.

A preliminary assessment of issues and gaps could provide a directional-focused mitigation plan. If you want to future-proof your operations against duties, tariffs and rising trade tensions, connect with our team today for a complimentary assessment.  

 An extensive roster of services to importers and manufacturing:

  • Tariff reduction viability assessment
  • Customs compliance and cost reduction health-checks
  • Duty reduction support
  • Tariff classification and correction support
  • Product- and sector-specific performance benchmarking
  • Supply chain analysis and improvement support
  • Export controls assessment and verification
  • Country-specific risk assessments
  • Design and implementation of a compliance framework
  • Compliance program implementation
  • Global trade compliance training and change management support
  • Global trade audits and audit assistance
  • Managed services and ongoing compliance support
PMA Perspective: Return of manufacturing forum

PMA Perspective: Return of manufacturing forum

Jeff Jorge, principal and international growth services practice leader at Baker Tilly, offers tax, trade and policy insights to proactively position your business to capitalize on growth opportunities during this interview with the Pennsylvania Manufacturer’s Association for their cable program, PMA Perspective.

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