Enterprise transformation initiatives are only as successful as the rate at which people adopt and embrace the change.

At Baker Tilly, we take change management seriously. We help connect project teams more tightly to the strategic executive agenda. We focus on reducing program risk due to low adoption and transition barriers. We optimize organizational structures and individual performance according to best practices while addressing business process improvement opportunities. You will experience accelerated change and reduction in the loss of time and resources due to unclear expectations or new responsibilities.

Our change management specialists work with you to build the right plan to drive adoption and increase the value realized from your technology, process, transformational and structural changes through the following services: 

Job Impact Assessments

  • Determine and address how individuals and teams will be impacted
  • Understand current commitment and concerns of stakeholders
  • Define initial set of steps for addressing commitment issues and concerns

Change Risk Analysis

  • Identify and track project and people risks
  • Determine mitigation steps and assign ownership to team members
  • Track mitigation plan and remove barriers

Communication Plans

  • Identify communication approaches to illustrate messages, audiences, tools, timing, and feedback mechanisms
  • Determine communication channels
  • Develop desired messaging and assign delivery roles
  • Track progress and timing of communications

Change Readiness Assessments

  • Determine critical readiness requirements
  • Interview and survey key stakeholders
  • Analyze previous change efforts
  • Determine organizational and individual readiness to accept incoming changes
  • Development of strategy to address key change barriers

Case study: Essendant

Case study: Essendant

Essendant engaged Baker Tilly to work closely with program leadership to develop and implement an approach to support the transformation of the company to become the fastest, most convenient solution for workplace essentials.

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