Top performing companies invest in advanced analytic solutions to help them not only make the best decisions faster and more consistently, but also to improve operational efficiency and performance.

Deploying data driven strategies that optimize operational and micro decisions is key to competing in today’s marketplace. Advanced Analytic solutions use machine learning and statistical methods to help organizations mine their data, deliver better insights and improve existing processes. Of any of the business analytic solutions, advanced analytic solutions can have the highest impact on your business.

At Baker Tilly we believe that the key to success for Advanced Analytics projects is to focus on the decisions that need to be made to improve your top areas of concern. Decisions like -- which customers to mail to, which parts of a product to service, or which transactions are fraudulent. These decisions can span across many departments or many processes.  If you have a decision or process that can be improved and you have enough data around that decision, our Advanced Analytic services can enable better decisions, improve performance and create value.

Baker Tilly has both the business process expertise and deep understanding of the advanced analytic tool sets required to advance your organization in these functional areas and industries:

  • Customer Analytics:  Personalization, Churn, Segmentation, Engagement, Loyalty, Spend
  • Healthcare:  Readmission Analysis, Call Center Analytics, Member Response Modeling
  • Manufacturing:  Predictive Maintenance, Leading Indicators, Sales Forecasting
  • Insurance:  Reinsurance Analytics, Claim Note Text Analytics
  • Resource Management:  Analytical Staff Forecasting

Uncovering business opportunities with predictive forecasting

Uncovering business opportunities with predictive forecasting

Learn how predictive forecasting can give you insights into your business to drive key decisions and how it can help make these decisions more accurately.

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Company achieves optimal customer focus using analytics platform for segmentation project

Company achieves optimal customer focus using analytics platform for segmentation project

Baker Tilly helps leading retailer realize optimal levels of customer focus and sales effectiveness as a result of segmentation project.

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Our Take

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“One area organizations can benefit from Advanced Analytics is in Customer Analytics. These types of solutions help them understand their customer segments so they can better personalize their services and offerings, better engage with their customers, market to them more efficiently and spend less.”