Tableau helps the world's largest organizations unleash the power of their most valuable assets: their data and their people. Baker Tilly has worked with Tableau to develop a Revenue Cycle Management analytic toolset that is unique in the market.

In 2020 the world will generate 50 times the amount of data as in 2011 and 75 times the number of information sources (IDC, 2011). Within these data are huge opportunities for managing business performance like never before.

But to turn opportunities into reality, people need the power of data at their fingertips as well as what corrective action to take when negative performance occurs. Tableau is building software to deliver exactly that and Baker Tilly is using that software to develop first of its kind process analytics with embedded suggestions when poor outcomes are experienced. Our solutions are transforming the way people use data to solve problems. We make analyzing data fast and easy, beautiful and useful. It's software for anyone and everyone.