Baker Tilly partnered with Recondo because innovation is in their DNA. It's about more than providing solutions that address our client's business challenges. It's about doing it in a way that truly moves the needle – that results in efficiencies and financial improvements beyond expectations.

In conjunction with the other partners of the Revenue Cycle Innovation Center, Baker Tilly and Recondo are focused on radically transforming healthcare revenue cycle processes by empowering our clients with innovative end-to-end cloud-based software and services that streamline workflow and create unprecedented efficiencies through automation. Combining this with the Ontario System exception based workflow solution, Baker Tilly is able to deploy best in class process management that can lead to a possible 40% reduction in revenue cycle management personnel.

Get Healthcare Revenue Moving Again — One ReconBot® at a Time

Improve patient outcomes and streamline payor communications with an advance healthcare revenue cycle software. Add flexibility through an innovative automation tool fit for all spectrums of the healthcare revenue cycle. Take advantage of a direct connection with payers portals to retrieve superior web-based rich information retrieved by patented ReconBot® technology.