Ontario Systems

Proven Solutions for Healthcare's Biggest Profitability Challenges

Ontario Systems, through the Ariva HCx platform, has created best in class exception based workflow automation solutions. This combined with Baker Tilly's innovative process management techniques, allows our clients to look at ways to improve productivity, the cost to collect and ways to increase revenue to boost their financial performance. These efforts lead to a seamless patient experience as they engage the provider's network across multiple touch points. Factor in the importance of patient satisfaction with new reimbursement models and this challenge becomes even more pronounced.

Our combined offerings create best practice processes using workflow automation, exception-based processing and key data enhancement services. Financial leaders cannot afford the productivity inefficiencies introduced by multiple solutions from multiple vendors, and need a single solution that has the best data analytics and tools in the market. By blending technology, data insights and best practice operational strategies, our clients realize a boost in revenue collections, reduced cost to collect and improved agent productivity.


Artiva HCx™
The Artiva HCx™ solution is a complete revenue cycle management package that provides a single, integrated platform for all your data systems, embedding key analytics and product solutions to eliminate extra steps while representatives work accounts at the right time to maximize revenue and reduce cost.

Contact Savvy®
Cloud-based Contact Savvy® contact management solutions from Ontario Systems come included and seamlessly integrated with the Artiva HCx solution, providing both manual dialing – compliant with the TCPA – and fully-automated inbound/outbound call routing, IVR and messaging capabilities.

Our healthcare customers use our enterprise products to build foundations for success. Additional add-on services can help enhance your insurance and self-pay management processes to improve your financial performance.