Baker Tilly's Revenue Cycle Innovation Center will tap the power of the Datawatch Monarch self-service data preparation platform to help healthcare organizations optimize revenue cycle operations for a variety of reimbursement methodologies, including value-based care strategies.

Despite rapid IT advancements across healthcare back office systems, most healthcare providers still grapple with disparate revenue cycle systems and poor operational processes which drive up costs and negatively impact net revenue. They have grown tired of the false promises of their health information technology (HIT) and electronic medical record (EMR) vendors, and have seen failed investments in high-priced revenue cycle improvement services.

Datawatch Monarch provides analysts with an unprecedented ability to quickly and easily access, manipulate, enrich and combine disparate data from virtually any source and prepare it for analysis. Only Monarch can unlock 835/837 insurance remittance forms, HL7 messages and data in unusable reports from EHR/EMR and other systems—without coding, manual data entry or involvement from IT.

Datawatch Monarch is used by healthcare organizations and service providers worldwide seeking to overcome the common hurdles to data access, reconciliation and reporting. More than 720 hospitals and other healthcare providers rely on Monarch to improve the preparation and analysis of patient, physician and financial data and gain insights vital to driving down operational costs, increasing productivity, maintaining regulatory compliance and improving quality of patient care.

We know that business agility is best achieved when users can interact directly with all their data and we provide the "know how" are where to get the detailed granular data regardless of system and the "why" regarding data so that you are tracking the things that actual impact financial outcomes.