Baker Tilly

A Different Approach

Many of today's revenue cycle programs are not sophisticated enough to account for the ever changing healthcare environment and personnel changes despite the fact that executives view their operations as a strategic resource and continue to invest heavily into them. ROI's are consistently much lower than what is possible and any benefit achieved is often short term in nature and not sustainable.

Baker Tilly's approach to analyzing and improving Revenue Cycle performance hinges on achieving three objectives:

  • Significantly increase operational efficiencies
  • Enhance employee effectiveness
  • Reduce rework

We focus on core objectives in order to:

  • Determine areas to reduce avoidable write-offs and improve annual net revenue
  • Define areas where material cost reductions are achievable either through process redesign or workflow automation
  • Identify opportunities to accelerate one-time cash flow collections

Baker Tilly revenue cycle solution experts will work with your organization to produce optimal results by:

  • Introducing a cohesive technology platform that unlocks cash and drives incremental revenue
  • Implement automation techniques, such as Robotic Process Automation, that significantly drives improved net revenues
  • Implementing telephony solutions that create predictive dialing and answering solutions that allow people to be more productive reducing hold times and unproductive work time
  • Incorporating advanced process analytics that provide insight into what others cannot see