About the Center

Innovation is where business and imagination cross paths for a new reality

In order for something to be truly innovative, it must be a radically new idea, method or device.

The Baker Tilly healthcare leadership team envisioned combining our best-in-class operational consulting capabilities with best-of-breed technologies to provide an innovative revenue cycle solution that could not be replicated or simulated by the large system vendors.

The goal is to finally solve problems that plague the industry and cause lost net revenue by:

  • Automating repeatable business processes to reduce human error
  • Improving accountability and compliance with work activities
  • Implementing effective operational analytics
  • Leveraging technology to improve productivity and employee effectiveness

To accomplish this, Baker Tilly partnered with technology leaders Ontario Systems, Tableau Software, Datawatch Corporation, Recondo Technologies and Waystar to form the Baker Tilly Revenue Cycle Innovation Center (RCIC).

Bottom Line

The RCIC brings your organization serious solutions and an approach that drives higher performance and outcomes. All of which have a material financial impact on your bottom line.

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The RCIC partner network

  • Baker Tilly
  • DataWatch
  • Ontario Systems
  • Recondo
  • Tableau
  • Waystar