Your customers want e-commerce NOW!

E-commerce is unquestionably in an age of ascendancy. Virtually anything that has been made in the last 100 years can be found for sale somewhere on the Internet. This reality is confounding traditional retailers, wholesale and distributors and more as their facilities can’t match the scope of offerings found in the electronic showroom of the worldwide web. Businesses are rushing to create new, additional online channels for their products and services. For years, they have cut costs but have done little to grow top line revenues. E-commerce could be one way of achieving this. But, woe to the wholesale/distributor or manufacturer that thinks that e-commerce is simply an adjunct to their current systems and processes.

Both B2B and B2C customers’ e-commerce expectations are changing as the market evolves. Customers have grown accustomed to polished e-commerce experiences like those offered by Amazon and Apple. They are beginning to expect the same level of experience from all sellers – even business to business websites. Unfortunately, most companies’ e-commerce architectures, if they exist at all, are limited in their ability to capitalize on this growth opportunity.

To compete effectively in this changed environment, we believe most companies should:

  • Gain the external awareness of leading e-commerce practices and evolve the buying experience
  • Build a single source ERP system that lays the foundation for managing production, financials, CRM and e-commerce
  • Leverage both structured and unstructured data within the supply chain to increase value and gain insights across the entire value chain
  • Use the new insights to proactively learn about one’s customers regardless of what channel these customers use to transact with your business

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