What to do with the cloud you bought or thought you bought

In a recent Baker Tilly and ACUA webinar, Mike Cullen, senior manager, teamed up with Jason Ackerman, principal at Caldera Consulting, and Eric Smith, IT Auditor at University of West Georgia, to discuss cloud concepts.

The decision to hop on a cloud is not wholly a technology decision. In fact, the decision should be framed as a procurement decision with risk, control, and operational impacts that are realized through technology. This webinar will provide an overview of cloud concepts. From that baseline, you will learn how to advise management about governance, convene stakeholders and build their risk assessment capabilities, gain practical insight into evaluating relevant controls that support realizing the benefits from cloud applications, and tips on where to start your audit planning.

Key learning objectives

Attendees should be able to do the following upon conclusion of the webinar:

  • Frame cloud technology for management
  • Relate common cloud governance challenges with leading practices
  • Describe one institution’s experience with cloud procurement reviews
  • Identify tips and resources for planning a cloud audit or review

Download the presentation and handouts >

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