What are three imperatives B2B companies looking to achieve sustainable growth should consider?

Authored by Todd Wilkerson

The way in which B2B organizations are thinking about growth is changing and this has to do with how sales, marketing and product innovation all working closer together. The three biggest imperatives for B2B companies looking to achieve lasting, sustainable growth are:

  • Sales Effectiveness - Selling teams that are aligned to the market in coverage, discipline/skill, and comp and that have the right seller's competencies and truly supportive tools (beyond core sales force automation).
  • Marketing Effectiveness - Marketing teams that have the right tools to drive demand that is rationalized, removed of confusing & complicating redundancies and weighty integration. All of this supports the goal of meeting the buyer where they are in the buying journey and how they want to be interacted with.
  • Product/Offering Value Creation/Articulation - Product owners and marketers that have the right tools to construct, persistently manage, and grow/deepen value-selling assets for sales and marketing communication teams to leverage in the market to contextualize for prospects and co-create value with clients ongoing.