Village of Sauk City and Baker Tilly outsourced team’s trusted relationship

Client need

Baker Tilly and the Village of Sauk City, Wisconsin have worked together for more than 35 years. Most recently, the outsourced accounting services team was brought on to assist the village with a variety of financial services including entering payables, summarizing payroll and performing month-end reconciliations. Our team also provided budgeting assistance, audit preparation support, state report preparation and consulting on general accounting questions.

Baker Tilly solution

Due to the large amount of work, the village recognized the need for an additional position and created a new role on their finance team. With the newly created position filled, Baker Tilly serves as outsourced accounting consultants reviewing accounts payable coding, performing month-end reconciliations and providing advice on changes that the village contemplates making to their accounting system.


By utilizing Baker Tilly’s outsourced accounting services, the village was able to justify the creation of an additional position to help with finance activity. The village anticipates having the Baker Tilly team remain active in the budget process and audit preparation service in the future.

“The Village of Sauk City has worked with Baker Tilly for more than 35 years. Our long-standing relationship is a testament to the trust and comfort we have with the firm. Their team is always available to us, they help evaluate our situation, identify opportunities and provide recommendations on how we can improve our operations. We find their professionals to be knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating. We value our relationship with Baker Tilly.”


– Vicki Breuning, Administrator

   Village of Sauk City, Wisconsin

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