• Baker Tilly‚Äôs Randy Barrus talks navigating REIT restrictions

    Baker Tilly talks with Bisnow about how real estate investment trusts (REITs) are attractive commercial real estate models as they can bring in large amounts of equity from investors; however, they face many tax rules and regulation requirements. Navigating REIT restrictions can be complicated, but Baker Tilly offers several tips to help REITs handle the rules and reap tax saving benefits.
  • Emerging audit trends: What you can do to prepare, Part II

    Federal agencies are now using data analytics to identify higher risk grantees and flag specific transactions for detailed review, which can result in a more comprehensive audit of your institution. Baker Tilly higher education professionals discuss the challenges and opportunities presented to colleges and universities during these audits and what specifically an institution can do to prepare for the audit and maximize success.
  • Is a REIT right for you?

    The rules for owning and managing a REIT can be complicated, but they are not onerous. Many property owners and real estate investors find the advantages of a REIT far outweigh the regulatory requirements.