• Do you qualify for 45L?

    Fill out the 45L Qualify Form and a Baker Tilly advisor will connect with you to determine if your development qualifies for the Energy Efficient Tax Credit (45L).
  • Private foundation: Common self-dealing issues

    Private foundations should consider three specific areas of self-dealing: payment of personal pledges, compensation to employees and board members, and paying or reimbursing expenses of disqualified persons or family members.
  • Not-for-profit organizations: Why you need an audit and finance committee

    When building a volunteer organization, optimizing volunteer resources and capitalizing on employee time are frequently the primary challenges. The common solution is to institute overarching committees of finance, nominating, programming and fundraising. However, due to this committee consolidation, audit and financial reporting responsibilities are added into the finance committee and often, despite the growth of an organization, never leave that committee – even though they should.