• IRS discussion regarding UNICAP

    Section 263A or the uniform capitalization (UNICAP) rules require a taxpayer to capitalize additional costs into ending inventory that might not be capitalized under GAAP. Most food processors and beverage bottlers currently opt to use the simplified production method within the regulations because of the simplicity afforded under this method.
  • Research and development tax credits for food and beverage companies

    Food companies are constantly facing increasing costs—raw materials, fuel, regulatory changes—all while trying to stay competitive with pricing and gain market share. Some of these costs stem from research and development (R&D) strategies to develop new products related to food safety, cost reduction, organic/natural products, dietary guidelines, and sustainable resources.
  • M&A and Capital Markets Update - Food and beverage Q2 2013

    Following the trend established in the first quarter, the second quarter of 2013 provided another lackluster quarter of deal volume even though equity markets are robust and liquidity remains high. M&A professionals remain puzzled on the lack of direction and volume for 2013 with most believing that the tax law changes pulled volume from 2013 into 2012.