Summer’s over, but the pools are just opening up on OASIS

In a recent webinar hosted by the Coalition for Government Procurement (CGP), Baker Tilly provided an in-depth overview of the OASIS contract vehicle, reviewed contract requirements, and provided perspective on how contractors should approach a bid / no-bid decision.

Since their inception in 2014, these two “best-in-class” (BIC) multiple award IDIQ vehicles, OASIS Small Business (SB) and OASIS Unrestricted (UNR), have proven to be a popular choice for the procurement of tasks requiring complex, integrated professional services, and these contract vehicles are about to scale significantly. Specifically, GSA is preparing for a significant increase in the number of contractor on-ramps for the second 5-year period of the vehicle’s life.  With over $11B in obligations in just over four years, Open Season On-Ramping represents a golden opportunity for prospective contractors to consider what this “Best-In-Class” contract could mean to their contract portfolio. 

Highlights included

  • The Federal Government’s coordinated acquisition strategy under Category Management
  • The OASIS contract’s role as a Best-In-Class contract
  • A reflection on the OASIS contract’s successes since inception in 2014 and areas for improvement
  • GSA’s Strategy for expanding OASIS and potential future on-ramps
  • Details about the on-ramping process for small and large businesses
  • GSA’s proposal review and contract award processes
  • Proposal evaluation criteria, Past Performance Project Requirements, and bid / no-bid factors
  • Pricing implications
  • Vendor Self-Scoring

Watch the webinar:  Summer’s over, but the pools are just opening up on OASIS