Sell-side advisory to a wind developer


Baker Tilly Capital successfully provided advisory services to wind developers to sell a 20-megawatt wind farm facility.

CH Shirley Wind, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Central Hudson Enterprises Corporation (CHEC), planned to invest $50 million in a 20-megawatt wind farm located in Glenmore, Wisconsin. CH Shirley Wind acquired a 90-percent controlling interest in the project, which carries a 20-year power purchase agreement contract with Wisconsin Public Service Corporation for the electric output of its eight wind turbines. Construction on Shirley Wind began in 2010 and was completed in the fourth quarter of 2010.

"Baker Tilly Capital was able to deliver the required funding partner, support negotiations of our development agreements, and effectively meet project timelines while in a tremendously challenging capital market." – Bill Rakocy, Managing Member, Emerging Energies of Wisconsin, LLC