Sell-side advisory services to a material handling equipment company

Baker Tilly Capital successfully provided sell-side advisory services to Bushman Equipment, Inc. on its sale to XTEK, Inc. Baker Tilly Capital presented this opportunity to a limited group of prospective buyers in order to maintain confidentiality yet target the most strategic buyers that would be interested in acquiring both US and Canadian operations. Baker Tilly Capital was instrumental in progressing the deal to completion in less than five months.

Bushman Equipment, Inc. is headquartered in Menomonee Falls, Wis. and has a subsidiary, Avon Equipment ULC, in Hamilton, Ont. The group goes by the brand name Bushman AvonTec.

XTEK, Inc. is based in Cincinnati, Ohio and its subsidiary, Bradley Lifting Corporation, is in York, Pa.

"Baker Tilly Capital integrated its M&A services with Baker Tilly's tax advisory and accounting expertise to provide a holistic representation of the deal. This allowed for a shorter time-frame to close the deal and a one-stop shop for me to interact. The M&A team was instrumental in meeting my objectives on the sale of the business and was responsible for driving the process and ultimately closing the deal."

– Ralph Deger, President and Owner, Bushman AvonTec

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