Seeking to avert operational threats from disruptive incidents, a technology provider taps Baker Tilly to help implement stronger defenses

Our client’s need

A business and technology services provider recognized that a significant threat to its ability to continue normal business operations existed should an unexpected disruptive incident occur. The company wished to develop a business continuity plan so that in the event of a disruptive incident, it could manage the interruption in a controlled and structured manner with minimal interruptions to business operations.

Baker Tilly solution

Baker Tilly used its standard business continuity planning implementation methodology to augment and improve business continuity planning efforts. Baker Tilly began the engagement by identifying program leaders and gaining commitment. We also performed a risk assessment to evaluate scenarios for likelihood and impact analysis. We then performed a business impact analysis (BIA) to document potential impact of lost operations, established recovery objectives and used this information to build business continuity plans for the organization. Next, we helped the organization to implement the program and executed training for the business continuity planning team. Finally, we validated feasibility ensured employee awareness and updated plans to address gaps and key assumptions.

Results achieved

Together with the client, we developed a business continuity plan, which outlined the purpose of the plan, response teams, off-site recovery locations, enterprise wide response procedures and business unit recovery plans. In addition, Baker Tilly provided training to select individuals within the organization.

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