SaaS ERP insights

If your ERP system covers only certain areas of your operation, you’re likely stuck with outdated, stand-alone systems to track finance, HR, manufacturing, and your warehouse.

Baker Tilly partners with Plex Online to offer the industry’s broadest ERP footprint, from financials to manufacturing to supply chain management as well as production, maintenance, quality and beyond.

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Six Game-Changers about SaaS ERP

Plex Online brings a new approach to manufacturing software

  • This paper summarizes six game-changing aspects delivered by Plex Online SaaS ERP.
  • Areas range from the benefits of true ERP integration, to ease of use and the importance of up-to-date functionality.
  • In each case, the benefit is an improved and optimized manufacturing process to help the enterprise thrive in a challenging market.

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ERP as a Living System

The power of community-driven product enhancement

  • This paper demonstrates how today’s manufacturer is unlocked from static ERP in which a vendor annually issues complex version upgrades.
  • Powerful change-on-demand capabilities allow companies to instantly align— and realign— their ERP and business processes without a time-consuming IT effort.
  • With a community-driven development approach, enhancements are driven by a community of users, which means the system constantly improves in the exact way a user requires.

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