Providing government and policy knowledge and expertise to help a city manage a project to modernize its schools


The Rochester Schools Modernization Program (RSMP) is an initiative of the Rochester (New York) City School District in partnership with the City of Rochester. When completed, the $1.3 billion project will modernize schools for the 30,000 students in the Rochester school system.

Throughout the first phase of the project, Baker Tilly has provided critical knowledge and advice to the Rochester Joint Schools Construction Board (RJSCB) as the initiative’s Independent Compliance Officer. 

Baker Tilly difference

The RSMP team cited the professionalism, expertise and commitment of Baker Tilly as it helps the RJSCB navigate complicated and multi-faceted contractor and vendor management.

The RJSCB noted appreciation of Baker Tilly’s work, responsiveness, and knowledge as a valuable resource to the RJSCB throughout the first phase of the project.

The RJSCB also shared that Baker Tilly’s dispute-resolution skills, diverse background, and breadth of knowledge in both government and politics has given the RSMP “an extremely expansive knowledge base to assist the Board as it tackles the many issues that it is regularly faced with.”

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