Regional craft brewery develops better profit analysis with OBeer implementation

Our client’s need

After implementing OBeer, a fast-growing regional craft brewery needed additional assistance integrating its existing internal systems with the information in OBeer. Specifically, the brewery wanted to better leverage OBeer’s capabilities to track project costs, allocate costs to the appropriate cost center, and efficiently manage fixed assets and depreciation expenses.

Baker Tilly solution

The Baker Tilly team worked with the craft brewery to address each of these areas and make the OBeer software more effective for the brewery:

  • By utilizing our understanding of the production and sales processes, we helped create a checks and balances system that enabled the brewery to assign revenues and expenses to specific projects and cost centers.
  • We also worked with the brewery to define the activities associated with their processes, which created greater visibility for each step in the process.
  • The brewery had good data on its fixed assets but was unable to import the data into OBeer. Through research and testing, we helped them to upload the data into OBeer and created an automated link to the company’s general ledger.


Utilizing Baker Tilly’s brewery expertise, our client was able to better leverage the power of OBeer to achieve the following:

  • Improved profitability analysis via better tracking of project specific costs
  • Increased scope and efficiency in financial reporting for meaningful, real-time information to make smart decisions
  • More efficient fixed asset accounting including capitalization, depreciation, and tracking

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