Product and service innovation case study: Construction and restoration company

Organization: Large disaster response construction and restoration company

Focus: Service innovation

Business challenge: Most commercial and residential (apartments/condominiums) property managers choose a disaster response construction and restoration company based on which firm is first on the scene. In the midst of a disaster, responsive help wins the day. The challenge that the client was facing was to develop an innovative, compelling and sustainable offering to “trump” the first responder choice.

The company successfully launched the offering and increased sales by 21% year over year.

How Baker Tilly helped: The CEO/Owner had a hypothesis of what could be an offer. The organization was about to make a significant investment in the marketing of the idea. However, the idea had not been tested with prospective customers. Baker Tilly conducted a series of focus groups and designed extensive voice of customer market research instruments to determine the overall viability of the idea and identify other ideas that could provide even more attachment to the organization. Specifically Baker Tilly:

  • Researched competitor offerings
  • Designed and conducted focus groups with senior executives at large property management companies
  • Designed and conducted primary market research to determine “white space” offerings for the market
  • Conducted a series of innovation workshops to ideate on other ideas based on the market research results
  • Designed 2 to 3 market offerings to test into the market
  • Conducted interviews with key buyer to determine viability of the new innovative ideas
  • Determined buyer values, value proposition and market launch approach

Results: Baker Tilly determined that the original idea from the CEO would not have been accepted in the market place. This saved the organization $1.5M in wasted marketing expenses. In addition Baker Tilly identified a concept that was acceptable in the market. The company successfully launched the offering and increased sales by 21% year over year and more importantly, secured long term contracts to be the preferred disaster response company with several large property management companies.