Preventing procurement fraud in the public sector

Public agencies are responsible for procuring goods and services to help their agency run effectively. Purchases can range from maintenance materials and office supplies to roof repair and accounting services. A key goal of procurement management is to ensure that goods and services are purchased in a fair and transparent manner.

While the complexity of purchases can vary significantly within an agency in terms of dollar value, scope, and time for implementation, the potential for fraud can happen at any level of purchase or stage of the procurement process. Public agencies can be defrauded through bid rigging, submission of false expenses, and bribery of employees. These actions create a variety of issues, including purchases that do not present the best value and can cost an organization millions of dollars beyond that which is required. An agency’s leadership needs to ensure that procurement managers are educated on the vulnerabilities and risks associated with procurement fraud and oversee the establishment of effective procurement and contract management control activities.

This webinar is designed to educate internal auditors, procurement professionals, and other stakeholders on some techniques and tools that can be used to detect and prevent procurement fraud.

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