Performance Over Compliance: A Roadmap to Preferred Supplier Status

Quality performance is one of the most important metrics to a supplier. So, how can a supplier become a preferred supplier? By making risk-based quality a business strategy. A risk-based quality strategy that’s fueled by data and insights is the key to becoming a preferred supplier. Quality not only impacts your supplier status – it effects the bottom line, too.

See how you can drive performance like 14 percent lower warranty rates, 40 percent lower supplier defect rates, 1 percent higher first pass yield, and 8 percent higher on-time delivery. Join Baker Tilly’s partner, Plex, and Dan Jacob, Research Director and Principal Analyst from LNS Research to earn how the most capable suppliers prevent spending hard-earned revenue on defects. This webinar will also cover:

  • Quality trends and mega-trends influencing the supply chain
  • The role of risk in achieving differentiated supplier status
  • LNS Research’s recommended risk strategy
  • Quality 4.0 and risk: the next generation of insights

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