Organizational assessment helps realign service delivery for maturing city

Our client’s need

A suburb of Minneapolis–St. Paul with a population of about 64,000 experienced thirty years of dramatic growth, with residential build-out of approximately ninety-five percent. Growth then slowed significantly over a decade, a key manager retired, and additional senior level managers were nearing retirement. To address these challenges, the city needed to develop a roadmap for long-term success.

Baker Tilly solution

The city engaged Baker Tilly to assess the alignment of service delivery and staffing levels with the needs of a more mature community rather than one experiencing rapid growth and development. The presence of several robust and profitable enterprise-funded operations contributed to the complexity of the analysis, which encompassed four overall components:

  • Develop a succession plan
  • Link resources to service delivery priorities
  • Assess cross-departmental functions
  • Implement continual performance assessments

Results achieved

The completed assessment recommended a long-term master plan intended to shift organizational focus towards enhanced and responsive service delivery instead of growth. This renewed focus places more emphasis on the parks and recreation, community development, and communications departments. Therefore, the assessment provided a roadmap to define activities necessary to:

  • Accomplish vital organizational restructuring
  • Align staff resources with customer priorities
  • Conduct critical succession planning
  • Develop continual customer feedback monitoring systems
  • Realign fragmented functions centrally

The city implemented a variety of the practical recommendations that were designed to ensure constituent satisfaction while maintaining the city’s historically low per capital spending level. The master plan and a defined model continue to serve as a blueprint for staffing.

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