Optimizing resources to improve fiscal condition

Case study: Local Government Institute of Wisconsin

The Local Government Institute of Wisconsin (LGI) is a collaboration of leaders from all associations representing local government in Wisconsin – the League of Wisconsin Municipalities, the Wisconsin Counties Associations, the Wisconsin Towns Association and the Alliance of Cities. The entity was formed specifically to develop consensus among governmental leaders relative to key actions required for effective government transformation given the integral role governmental plays in the vitality of so many aspects of Wisconsin communities.

Project overview

LGI engaged Baker Tilly to perform an evaluation of the key actions required by elected officials, business leaders, and the public to address current budgetary issues and rethink government services from delivery and funding perspectives.

Baker Tilly’s role

Baker Tilly focused its efforts on evaluating the effectiveness of following:

  • Shared services
  • Consolidation opportunities
  • Methods to enhance regional governance
  • Alternatives for reformation of the government finance system


Baker Tilly prepared an in-depth report titled, "A Roadmap for Government Transformation." This initial stage provides research, aids discussion, and recommends specific action by government and business leaders to transform and enhance collaborative local government service delivery. Specifically, this initiative resulted in a guide, which provides recommendations related to:

  • Legislation to encourage regional distribution of revenue and to incent regional collaboration
  • Appropriate changes in the relationship between levels of government to result in more emphasis on regional service delivery, greater efficiency, reduced or avoided cost, and enhanced service levels Increased collaboration on "appropriate" services and required success factors
  • The link between effective local government service delivery, regional cooperation and economic competitiveness

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