Not-for-profit organization increases awareness of its data privacy and implements change management policy

Our client’s need

A large non-for-profit organization recognized the needs to redesign and better communicate its IT system change management policies and procedures. Management expressed concern about a lack of consistency in following policies and procedure as well as IT change requests that were properly approved, prioritized, documented, and tested by the information systems department.

Baker Tilly solution

Baker Tilly assisted the organization’s IT department in reviewing its IT change management policies and procedures. We interviewed members of management, the change coordinator, and information systems employees. Baker Tilly worked with the change management team to clarify processes with respect to authorizations, proper procedures, and the correct software to be utilized.

Results achieved

As a result of the engagement, the organization improved its consistency in following the proper change management policies and procedures. Additionally, without recommendations, the organization increased its awareness of enforcement and data privacy for the change management process.