National grocery retailer improves applicant tracking systems (ATSs) with Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud

Client background

National grocery retailer operated under three retail banners, serves customer across the United States through a network of 3,437 stores.

The business challenge

Several disparate and outdated applicant tracking systems (ATSs) led to confusing job search experiences for candidates. Combined with a clunky and extremely lengthy application process, the client was not getting enough qualified applicants to keep up with the hiring needs in an industry with high turnover. Talent acquisition issues included:

  • Inadequate ATS capabilities prevented the organization from advertising jobs in a meaningful way, indirectly limiting the volume of applicants
  • Inefficient security functionality meant store managers weren’t seeing candidates for their open positions and were competing against other managers for the scarce candidates
  • Lack of mobile capabilities tethered store managers to the back room and prevented them from doing things like reviewing applications on the go

The Baker Tilly approach

Baker Tilly deployed its proven process and implementation methodology to develop a streamlined recruiting approach that met the needs of the grocery retailer’s three unique banners. This included:

  • Detailed process review – developed an understanding of who does what in the stores in order to design future state processes
  • Formation of a dedicated team representing the four unique banners to drive business process and work in an efficient manner without slowing down the decision making process
  • Targeted “playback sessions” – to review the design progress with extended team members at critical points in the project which improved buy-in from key stakeholders and aided our change management efforts
  • Security review – developed a deep understanding of where the security problems were occurring in the current setup, which was key to designing a long-term solution
  • Rigorous testing – detailed and numerous rounds of testing using multiple security roles and profiles allowed us to ensure the design was secure and sufficient

The business impact

The implementation of Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud has enabled the following key business results:

  • Improved candidate experience – reduction in confusion with the job search and application processes has led to a better candidate experience and higher volume of qualified applicants
  • Enterprise wide reporting – moving to a single ATS has allowed the organization to review key metrics at a company level and better understand the overall health of their recruiting function
  • Airtight security – the security setup allows the single ATS platform to function almost as four unique instances and prevents cross-banner visibility to requisitions and poaching of candidates
  • Manager enablement – introduction of mobile capabilities allows more efficiency in managers’ time spent on recruiting
  • Efficient system maintenance – the cloud-based system allows the client to more cost effectively control their own maintenance, support and upgrade processes

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