Multilocation manufacturer taps Baker Tilly to assess its IT environment and provide recommendations to enhance data integrity and systems availability.

Our client’s need

The president and chief financial officer (CFO) of a manufacturer with many distinct physical locations needed help to assess the organization's IT operations, including formal policies and informal practices, as well as controls surrounding the IT function.

Baker Tilly solution

Baker Tilly began the assessment processes by interviewing personnel in IT, finance and operations and reviewing IT management documentation, including budgets, sample IT service contracts, system configurations, and key IT controls (specifically, user access, application configuration/change management, system/data backups and recovery, asset management, vendor management). We also reviewed the design of these key IT controls and walked through four key applications (Navision, Kwiktag, Kronos and a video surveillance software) with finance and IT personnel. Then we analyzed the information we had gathered and developed observations and recommendations.

Results achieved

The president and CFO received a report detailing key strengths, observations and actionable, prioritized recommendations for addressing observed IT challenges to support the organization in achieving its goals and objectives. The organization used our work to build out its processes for managing user access and for managing application changes (e.g., hot fixes, service packs, version releases) to avoid terminated employees retaining unauthorized access, and to better protect system availability and data integrity from critical system updates.

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