Modern manufacturing’s modern workforce

Soon, modern manufacturers will face a major challenge that may not be from their usual list of worries. Competition, commodity swings, etc. are all familiar issues to manufacturers. Yet, workforce issues may take center stage in the very near future. To many manufacturers, talented workers are somehow expected to be in abundance. They should be trained and ready to be dropped in at any level of an organization. However, deep cuts in training budgets over the last few years, an aging workforce, an unattractive industry to job seekers, and more make this space one that is frustrating to employers and potential workers, too.

The modern manufacturing workforce must be rethought. It needs an infusion of leadership, investments in training, new relationships with talent sources, utilization of new kinds of technology (e.g., social media) and much more. If you’re not an employer of choice today, you must act now. Are you ready to change your perspective regarding your workforce? This paper may change your point of view.

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