Markets we serve

Remain in control with a partner you can trust. From concept to commercialization, we'll help you rethink your bottom line to maximize value in your biomass, biofuel, wind, geothermal, solar, or renewable technology initiatives. Leverage our in-depth renewable energy and clean technology expertise, along with our extensive energy market relationships, to make your project a reality today.

Markets we serve:

Biomass / waste to energy

Economically producing power from traditionally low-valued waste products and natural resources creates unique opportunities. We help clients in biomass and waste to energy enterprises get bottom line solutions faster, more cost effectively, and with less risk.


For each barrel of oil discovered, three barrels are consumed. Our renewable energy consultants are committed to helping biofuel and ethanol producers implement real solutions to rising every needs. From concept to commercialization, our renewable energy practice can assist with maximizing your project’s value –while remaining fully aligned with your goals.

Emerging technologies

Bringing new renewable and clean technologies to market is a time consuming and capital intensive process. We understand that nothing is more important than protecting confidential intellectual property. For renewable energy developers, sustainable solutions technology companies, and investment groups, Baker Tilly can help.


Wind power is currently the fastest growing form of new electricity generation, accounting for 30% of new capacity in 2007. Our unique approach to wind project development and finance keeps you in control of your project from concept to production. We’re committed to maximizing your profits and control, while minimizing the typical risks and pitfalls associated with traditional wind project development and finance.


Geothermal power is poised for substantial growth in North America. Our strong reputation in the utility sector, built on 30 years of first in-class performance, provides exceptional value to geothermal developers and investors.


The market for solar power is expanding exponentially, due in part to renewable portfolio standards and state incentives. We’re immersed within the solar power segment all day, every day, providing front line consulting and other strategic services.