Marketing your digital dealership

Are you currently monitoring traffic on your dealership website? If not, you could be missing out on potential sales.

Did you know that most customers who visit your dealership have already researched your competitors’ websites as well as determined the vehicle they wish to buy? This doesn’t mean they will drive away in that predetermined vehicle; however, they most likely used the internet to help them narrow down their vehicle search.

Website traffic analytics can help you monitor your webpage and provide you with valuable information for marketing your dealership. Below are a few analytics that every dealer should track:

  • Bounce rate – Tracks the number of visitors that left your site after viewing only one web page. A high bounce rate may suggest two things: the webpage is not appealing to buyers or the site is not user friendly.
  • Conversion lead – Tracks whether customers are contacting you via the tools available on your website (i.e. e-mail questions, filling out credit applications, requesting call backs, etc.).
  • Return visitor count – Tracks the number of individuals who have visited your page on a previous occasion. Since customers might visit your site multiple times before they decide to purchase the vehicle, it is important to track what they’re looking at and the frequency. Additionally, it is also important to track new visitors to your site to ensure that you have a good balance of first time and return visitors.

It is no secret that the internet has changed the way vehicles are sold and increased competition to an already aggressive market. Because of this, dealers need to ensure that their websites appeal to customers and can help seal a deal. There are many companies offering website traffic analytic software packages. We recommend that you research them and select the best one that fits the needs of your dealership.