IT Governance for Electric Utilities

The important role that information technology (IT) plays within electric utilities is becoming more evident than ever before. Utilities must be able to recognize this importance and plan effectively to have proper IT governance in place. By doing so, utilities will be able to make business decisions regarding the investments they make in their IT infrastructure. Baker Tilly’s Energy and Utilities team authored a recent American Public Power Association (APPA) publication that provides an overview of IT governance and guidance on developing a strategy within a utility. You will find the following explanations:

  • The definition of IT governance
  • The benefits of implementation with strong controls and structure
  • The five dimensions of IT governance and the drivers behind it
  • How to assess IT governance at your utility
  • The steps for implementing IT governance
  • How to ensure that IT governance effectively serves your utility’s needs

View the full publication, Information Technology: Information for Electric Utilities >

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