Hospitals and health systems

The Baker Tilly healthcare team understands the many unique issues that hospitals and health systems face in today’s market.

Eroding margins are a big part of the picture. Rising costs are not matched by Medicare payment schedules, increasingly used by other payers as their benchmarks. Outsourcing offers a tantalizing solution to staff shortages, but at what cost in oversight? Charitable giving is unpredictable, while the need for technology and facility upgrades is relentless. Add to that extensive, varying, and changing state and federal regulations, and it’s no wonder hospitals and health systems can barely deal with the present, let alone plan for the future.

Experience with hospitals and health systems

Members of our dedicated healthcare team have served hospitals and health systems since 1983. We have a thorough understanding of healthcare issues such as charity care reporting, integrated medical record and information technology conversions, the capital markets, and reimbursement and third-party payer matters.

Our audit professionals have worked with all sizes of hospitals and healthcare systems, and we are familiar with accounting and auditing issues unique to your industry. We can hit the ground running.

Regulatory changes

In this rapidly changing healthcare environment, our focus is especially tuned to potential and actual changes imposed by federal or state and local governments. You can count on us to monitor and inform you of relevant changes to the industry, federal and state regulations, tax laws, accounting standards, and reporting requirements.

In addition to our audit and accounting services, we also offer tax planning and preparation, financial services, risk management, and operational assistance. We can provide you with a practical approach, technical insight, and a thorough understanding of relevant financial and operational matters.