Healthcare firm corrects errors, simplifies payroll

Client need

Baker Tilly’s client, a healthcare staffing firm, was looking for a more automated payroll processing solution as well as controls around the payroll cycle.

Baker Tilly solution

This client was hard-coding payroll for more than 550 personnel. Baker Tilly created a template to automate the process, including checks within the files to eliminate manual errors and verify data entered. Additionally, our team assessed the controls around payroll and noted significant deficiencies within and outside of payroll. Baker Tilly presented recommendations to management and assisted with the implementation of these recommendations. Additionally, during our review of controls, we noted significant issues around the client’s employee benefit plan payments. We generated recommendations surrounding that process and also participated in calls with their service providers to rectify payroll and benefits issues.


Baker Tilly eliminated manual data entry from the majority of the payroll process, which in the past had caused errors in payroll. The additional controls increased the validity and accuracy of the payroll data. By enlisting Baker Tilly’s help, the client was able to true up their payroll for the year to all employees. In addition to simplifying payroll processes and implementing proper controls, Baker Tilly also added value by:

  • Assisting in the modification of the client’s benefits withholdings
  • Verifying benefits withholdings were in accordance with plan documents
  • Educating the client’s employees on their pay structures
  • Helping the client’s employees better understand how they were paid

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