Growing law firm needs CFO to lead finance department

Our client’s need

A growing law firm relied on an accounting manager for nearly 20 years to lead their finance team. To support the firm’s ongoing growth initiatives, leadership felt a need to top grade its finance talent but was uncertain of the skill level and experience appropriate for the role. Furthermore, the successful candidate required more than just a great resume, they needed the ability to collaborate well with a diverse partner group and the ability to manage change while honoring the existing corporate culture.

Baker Tilly Executive Search solution

By engaging with the client early in the decision-making process, we consulted with leadership to evaluate the level of talent needed to meet the firm’s growth objectives. To aid in this process, we provided a slate of candidates with diverse backgrounds, various experience levels, and different income expectations. In the end, the client determined that a CFO with large firm experience would be the right fit to lead the department. To ensure that the successful candidate would work well with the partner group and existing team, we helped arrange social time involving the finalists and key stakeholders at the firm. With two excellent finance executives to choose from, the law firm’s hiring decision did not come easy. Ultimately, the firm’s leadership engaged an industrial/organizational psychologist to help make the final hiring decision.


Once the successful candidate emerged, Baker Tilly Executive Search assisted in compensation negotiations on the client’s behalf and ultimately helped land the firm’s top choice.

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