Government Audit Quality Center announces Auditee Resource Center

The Governmental Audit Quality Center (GAQC) recently launched the Auditee Resource Center. The Auditee Resource Center provides information, practice aids, tools, publications, and other resources to improve the success and efficiency of audits of not-for-profit organizations. The Auditee Resource Center is publicly available and consists of the following focus areas:

  • Why audit quality is important to auditees?: Discusses why auditees should be concerned about quality, identifies factors that affect quality, and provides a five-step process for auditees to consider that could improve their audit quality.
  • Auditee tools, practice aids, and other resources: Includes links to resources that relate to single audits, Yellow Book audits, and other compliance and financial statement audits. Resources include archived webcasts, practice aids, articles, and GAQC alerts. Additional information specific to for-profit entities, governments, and not-for-profit organizations is provided.
  • AICPA audit and accounting guides and other publications: Provides access and links to purchase audit and accounting guides that relate to not-for-profit organizations, state and local governments, recipients of federal awards, and healthcare entities. Other publications and toolkits of potential interest are also available.
  • AICPA governmental and not-for-profit conferences: Provides information regarding industry-specific annual conferences, executive forums, and training programs.
  • Helpful web links: Includes a compilation of web resources of auditees.

The Auditee Resource Center is designed to achieve improved audit quality and efficiency by educating auditees and auditors. The GAQC believes that informed auditees understand audit requirements, are prepared for audits, and know their role in the audit.

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