Global paint and coatings supplier streamlines and automates onboarding process through Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud

Client background

A Fortune 500 global supplier of paints, coatings, optical products, specialty materials and fiberglass

The business challenge

The organization wanted a streamlined and automated onboarding process to improve the new hire experience and reduce time to productivity. There was inconsistency in process execution and redundancy in a number of tasks required of the HR team. Specific onboarding issues included:

  • New hire experience – Disparate manual processes across the organization’s business units led to confusion about points of contact and delays in communications back to new hires. This created an unsatisfactory experience around initial interactions with the organization.
  • User productivity – Manual processes and lack of organizational alignment required resources to spend excessive time on offer letter development, correspondence and form administration. Siloed processes across business units resulted in an inability to complete the onboarding process in a timely fashion.
  • Reporting capabilities – The prominence of manual workarounds meant there was no way to report on and benchmark current health. This lack of reporting limited the organization’s efforts to identify bottlenecks or leverage analytics for continuous improvement.

The Baker Tilly approach

Baker Tilly employed its proven methodology to define a streamlined and automated onboarding process to support a future state, shared service model. To transform the organization across business units in North America and globally, common processes were defined to meet business needs and Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud was implemented to enable those processes. This project included:

  • Identification and prioritization of onboarding process pain points and their impact on the organization’s ability to meet business objectives
  • Design sessions to build a process, gain business insight, and provide visibility across the organization to process design decisions
  • Multiple rounds of testing to ensure the newly designed onboarding process met business needs and increased stakeholder buy-in
  • Coordinated communication and training efforts to drive end user adoption and minimize interruptions to day-to-day business activities

The business impact

The Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud platform has transformed the internal and external new hire experience. Before and after highlights of the implementation include:



Loss of new hires to competition during lengthy onboarding process

Improved new hire retention through streamlined processes

Manual and outdated new hire experience

Modern, automated processes with communication throughout resulting in a positive experience

Limited HR professional productivity

Automated manual and redundant administrative activities and improved timely process completion

Limited reporting capabilities

New reporting mechanisms to facilitate the oversight of new hire onboarding steps and enhanced visibility throughout the organization

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