Global intergovernmental organization seeks external quality assessment review (QAR) to determine compliance with IIA Standards

Our client’s need

An intergovernmental organization needed help to perform an external QAR to evaluate conformance with the definition of internal auditing and IIA Standards. In addition, the organization wanted to assess how its status as an intergovernmental organization affected internal audit's ability to apply the Code of Ethics.

Baker Tilly solution

We worked with the CAE and the leadership team to evaluate the effectiveness of internal audit and its approach to complying with the definition of Internal Auditing and the IIA Standards, as well as to evaluate whether internal auditors apply the Code of Ethics. Our team leveraged deep experience with performing QARs and the nuances of applying the IIA Standards to the limitations imposed on the internal audit department by the organizations status as an intergovernmental organization. During this work, the team had to coordinate activities with internal audit staff in foreign locations and interview management and audit committee chairpersons in foreign countries.

Results achieved

The CAE and internal audit management team received an assessment of conformance with IIA Standards and recommended opportunities to enhance internal audit's position within the organization. The team identified opportunities to strengthen the internal audit department's independence within the organization, an opportunity to better coordinate activities with other oversight entities, and perform project reviews at the completion of audit projects. Our interviews and surveys  allowed us to provide the CAE with valuable information regarding how internal audit’s performance was meeting the expectations of management and highlight gaps in the CAE’s perception of staff satisfaction vs. the results of the returned surveys.

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