Global financial services merger requires robust Oracle Cloud HCM solution

Client background

A global risk, insurance, and advisory firm employing over 40,000 people across nearly 100 countries.

The business challenge

This firm was almost doubling in size overnight as result of a merger. The HR and IT organizations of the two global companies needed to evaluate their current global HR practices, identify an integrated HR solution that would meet their complex multi-national requirements, and bring the merging organization’s HR systems and processes together to gain efficiencies and facilitate global visibility and analytics. The challenges to accomplish this included:

  1. Defining a new service delivery model to support the newly merged organizations
  2. Reconciling data and processes of the two legacy global HRIS applications
  3. Inconsistent and regionally specific HR processes and tools
  4. Unique data and infrastructure design across the regions and legal entities

The Baker Tilly approach

Baker Tilly focused on identifying how the HR Service Delivery function would operate globally and how a new Cloud HR platform could support the newly defined service delivery model. The project began with identification of the desired future state of the HR Service Delivery function that represented both legacy organizations. Once established, new processes to support future growth and expansion were defined.

Through harmonization activities, desired common global practices were established and a basic system configuration was designed and built to serve as a prototype. Baker Tilly facilitated the collection of global feedback on the initial prototype and gathered additional local and regulatory requirements to augment the global common model. The additional requirements aided in the development of a global change management strategy which was fully executed through the testing and deployment phases of the transformation. The approach also included:

  1. Implementation of a design that provided an enhanced user experience to deliver value to the entire organization
  2. Knowledge transfer to client team members to equip them with skills to support future state delivery at global and local levels
  3. Development of robust and locally tailored communications messages and training curriculum to advance end user adoption

The business impact

  • Ability to make analytically driven decisions that support business growth strategy
  • A user-driven HR platform that supports a more efficient service delivery model
  • A global standard that supports future growth and expansion
  • An improved end user experience for candidates, employees, managers and HR

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