Getting e-commerce strategy right

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B2B e-commerce is more than just a channel for companies, it is a way to shift their offline businesses into high gear online and provide a world class multichannel customer experience that B2B customers now expect. The potential of the B2B channel is significant, yet organizations continue to fall short of their e-commerce objectives and their customers’ expectations. Why is it so difficult to get e-commerce right?  At Baker Tilly, we see a lack of focus on getting the fundamental strategies as the root cause for B2B e-commerce initiatives not meeting objectives. Organizations that focus on aligning their e-commerce strategy with their overall customer experience strategy, specifically customer acquisition, retention and growth, can turn the pressures of increased customer expectations, competition, channel, and technology complexity into opportunities for their organization.

In this three-part whitepaper series, you will learn:

  • The importance of aligning your e-commerce strategy with your customer strategy
  • Key considerations when defining your e-commerce strategy
  • How e-commerce can support your primary customer strategy
  • How to win in the growing B2B e-commerce channel

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